Instruction & Engagement


Today we'll view our final Trends in Ed Tech Presentations! We'll also learn about WebQuests and Instructional Design and explore a cool tool that helps with organization.


  • Learn about various Trends in Ed Tech
  • Explore WebQuests and their components
  • Talk about Instructional Design, specifically Understanding by Design
  • Explore the web tool Trello


1. Evaluations are now open
  • Wiki- platform, access to resources/past class notes
  • Types of Feedback- blog, email, audio, etc.
  • Time of Feedback/response to questions
  • Instructor access before/after class, throughout week
  • Rubrics available for each assignment on wiki
  • Class structure
  • Assignments
  • Cool Tools
  • Examples of finished projects for assignments
  • Blended format (face-to-face and online classes)
2. Professional Web Presence
  • Follow the Rubric!! (links to blog, Twitter, contact, etc.)
  • Check ALL links
  • No stray text ("this is a page" "put text here")
  • Check small icons (upper right hand corner Facebook/Twitter/etc.)t
  • ALL coursework should be on website: Trends in Ed Tech, Tech Tac Toe, Digital Story
3. Hour of Code Next Week:
4. ICE-CAP mini conference this Saturday:
5. ICE Workshop Booklet- one for each school
6. SIT Conference:
7. Any questions about Research from last week?

Resources and Readings:

1. Trends in Ed Tech Presentations
  • Lori- TED Talks
  • Laurie- Universal Design for Learning
  • Marta- Virtual Field Trips
2. WebQuests & Instructional Design
3. Cool Tool: Trello

Assignments Due:

1. Work on your webquest. Next week will be a work session.
2. Look through your website- check the rubric and make sure everything is cleaned up and ready to go!
3. Complete the course evaluation